Mission Music School Ministry

Music Classes Starting Soon

Music classes begin Saturday, January 16, 2016 in the classrooms of The Mission Church Assemblies of God for kids ages 6-15 years old.


The Mission of the School of Music is to train up a child in the way he should: and when he is old, he will not depart from it (Proverbs 22:6, KJV), teaching them to love God, Praise, and their instrument.


The Vision of this school is to see young adults passionate about God and Praise, being the future worshipers and ministers of the Most High.


The Music School exists to train that child that is willing to improve any area of their instrument disposing of their time, dedication, and surrendering to God.


The purpose of this school is for students to identify themselves with God and their instrument in order to never forget His ways.

Absolutely Economical

This center does not charge a high price for music education classes because it is an outreach ministry and a blessing to the community. This institution consists of teachers who volunteer by grace for what grace they have received. The doors of this school are open to all kinds of children in the community regardless of race, ethnicity, color, language, disability or socioeconomic status. Everyone is welcome with the mindset of wanting to dispose of time, engage, learn an instrument, and want to praise God.

Parental Involvement

Parents are encouraged to get involved and support your child in the learning of a new instrument. Parents should supervise practice sessions and motivate their children throughout.

Music Scores and Books

The instructor assigns musical books and provides information so you can buy in music stores or web sites. Parents are responsible to buy or order. Sometimes the church bookstore will have music books available for purchase.

Contact Information

Please contact the Director of the School of Christian Music, Eduardo Duque at (845) 598-0651 or by email to Eduardo_Duque@aol.com or skype: eduardoduq for additional information. We will gladly talk more in depth about the music programs we offer.


About the Director

Eduardo Duque was first trained in music at the early age of eight years by Daniel Cardona who founded the current music school in 2002 with the name "The Psalmist of Tomorrow". By the grace of God, Eduardo came to fill the role of musical director of this institution in 2006.

Then in 2008 he met Dr. Tammy Lum, currently a music professor at Nyack College. Eduardo graduated from the University of Nyack College with a degree in Music Education. Currently, he is pursuing a master's in education for children with disabilities.

Presently, Eduardo gives private music lessons and instructs worship Ministries from various churches.

Contact Information

  • Director: Eduardo Duque
  • Telephone: (845) 598-0651
  • Skype: eduardoduq
  • Email: Eduardo_Duque@aol.com
  • Address: 11 Division Ave. Nyack, NY 10960